Using a construction company’s real estate agent instead of your own when you purchase a newly built home is not the money-saving move you may assume it is. In fact, it can actually cost you more money in the long run. While there is nothing wrong with builders using their own agents, from a home buyer’s perspective, having someone in your corner is just smart.

Your Agent Works for You

A builder’s agent is under no obligation to share information that could benefit you, although they are required to operate in a fair and honest way. Their responsibility is to their client, the builder. So, if you rely on them, you may not have any idea that the price of the new home is negotiable, for example.

On the other hand, by working with your own agent, you get the advantage of their expertise, resources and insight. They know the market and have access to insider information that can help you.

Your Agent Improves Your Chances of Getting a Sought After Home

Some builders of new homes are well known among buyers and this can result in a run on the homes they construct – to the point where buyers wait in long lines just to secure a lot. If you try to go it alone in this situation, you could lose out on the home you want so badly.

An agent knows the tricks of the trade that will vastly improve their clients’ chances of getting the home they desire. They will use these tactics to make sure your name makes the top of the builder’s list.

Agents Can See Into the Future

No, real estate agents are not fortune tellers. To clarify, they have access to documents you may not. This information may alter the decisions you make about whether to buy a particular home.

Examples include a disruptive major freeway planned for construction near the lot you are eyeing or a steeply sloped yard in a ravine lot that will prevent you from fully enjoying your time outdoors. Your agent can give you a heads-up about these factors so that you can make a fully informed purchasing decision.

An Agent Who Is Always in Your Corner

Real estate agent Gina Morgando and her dedicated team are committed to serving as an advocate for every single client. Whether you are interested in an established home or a new build, we make your needs and wants our number one priority.

As a highly experienced and marketing savvy real estate agent, Gina possesses the skills, expertise, resources and network to help you purchase the right home for your family at a fair price.

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