Few endeavors are more personal than buying a new home. Not only is it a significant financial investment, but it is also where you will spend much of your time and the place that should be your sanctuary.

This makes it imperative to share every single preference you have for a home, down to the nitty-gritty details, with your real estate agent. While these folks are experts in their field, the perfect home for you depends on your needs and desires rather than theirs.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

You will waste your time and delay your home search if you give your agent a lofty home purchasing budget beyond your means. Similarly, if you allow yourself to be talked into looking at homes you cannot afford, you risk ending up in over your head.

A reputable agent will want you to end up in a home you can afford. You should always be bold, give them a budget, and remain firm if you need more financial flexibility. Doing so may even end up paying less for your home than the listing price if your agent is good at negotiating.

What to Share

If you are wondering which home details to share with your agent, the short answer is…all of them! But if you would like some examples:

  • Location within the city you are moving to (including the school district if applicable)
  • Detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, apartment or condominium
  • Family-friendly neighborhood in the suburbs, a happening area downtown, or a neighborhood in between
  • What kind of outdoor space you want and the size
  • The approximate square footage of indoor space that your family needs
  • Whether or not you want an artificial outdoor living space like a porch, patio, pool, or several of these spaces
  • Architecture style of the home (if you have a preference)
  • Number of floors
  • How much storage you need
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need
  • How many living areas do you need
  • Whether or not you need a home office
  • What kind of laundry setup you need – laundry closet or dedicated laundry room

Remember, you may know the details of your dream home inside and out, but your real estate agent – regardless of how amazing they are – is outside your head. To make sure they find homes that meet your criteria, you’ll need to fill them in.

Provide Honest Feedback

You will not hurt your agent’s feelings by letting them know if a listing did not meet your expectations. Getting feedback and readjusting their search based on what they learn from you is part of their job.

Also, by sharing your thoughts about the homes you tour, you can help them do their job better. Feedback is helpful; it is not a negative, and a good agent will not view it as such.

Ready to Check Off Your Wish List

As a highly experienced real estate agent with a vast network throughout the Bradenton, Sarasota, and more significant Tampa Bay areas, Gina Morgando and her team have the skills, resources, and connections to check off every item on your home wish list.

Gina is in tune with the real estate industry because she has worked in every aspect, representing buyers, sellers, and investors in residential and commercial markets. She truly knows the tricks of the trade to find you the perfect home.