In Bradenton, Heritage Harbour Resort is undergoing a significant renovation. This development project aims to transform the Heritage Harbour Golf Club into a premier destination. With semi-private club owners and a vision for resort villas, the area is set to redefine itself.

The renovation will offer residents and visitors a range of resort amenities and delicious restaurants. In the heart of Bradenton, Heritage Harbour Resort is poised to become a flagship property. The resort will cater to the vacation club industry with its three-tier renovation project.

Club owners will have access to furnished vacation villas and stay-and-play resort options. As development partners work tirelessly, the community anticipates a revenue stream and a new standard of natural beauty. Amidst the natural waters of east Manatee County,

Heritage Harbour Resort stands as a beacon of change. With its community amenities and convenient access, the town awaits its transformation. From the Heritage Harbour Golf Club to the award-winning resort-style apartment community, Bradenton is on the brink of a new era.

aKey Takeaways

  • The project includes the groundbreaking for 74 club homes and the construction of Home2Suites by Hilton.
  • It aims to enhance the regional golfing landscape by offering a comprehensive stay-and-play experience.
  • A partnership between Altcess Real Estate Group and Hilton is central to the development.
  • Home2Suites by Hilton will provide extended-stay amenities catering to leisure and business travelers.
  • The Heritage Harbour Golf Club is undergoing a $2 million renovation to improve its appeal and functionality.

Project Overview

The Heritage Harbour Resort project, initiated with the groundbreaking for 74 club homes and the construction of a Home2Suites by Hilton, aims to enhance the regional golfing landscape by addressing the need for a thorough stay-and-play experience. This ambitious endeavor seeks to fill a significant market void and catalyze a symbiotic relationship between the golf course and the resort facilities, generating new avenues for traffic and revenue.

Key Partners

Central to the successful realization of the Heritage Harbour Resort project, Altcess Real Estate Group and Hilton have emerged as pivotal development partners, bringing their distinctive expertise and resources to the forefront of this ambitious venture.

Altcess Real Estate Group, known for its innovative approach to property development, is spearheading the construction of 74 club homes, ensuring they align with the aesthetic and functional standards expected by future residents and club members.

Hilton, a global hospitality leader, contributes its extensive experience in managing high-quality accommodations. The introduction of a Home2Suites property adds a layer of prestige and operational excellence.

Together, these partners form a strategic alliance that promises to elevate the Heritage Harbour Golf Club into a premier lifestyle and leisure destination, integrating seamlessly with the community’s aspirations and the region’s growth objectives.

Hotel Amenities

luxurious hotel amenities offered

Shifting the focus to the hotel component of the Heritage Harbour Resort project, Home2Suites by Hilton is set to offer an array of amenities catering to the needs of extended-stay guests. This initiative underscores a strategic approach to enhance guest experiences through thoughtful amenities designed for comfort and convenience.

Including resort-style pools and accommodations with separate living spaces and full kitchens speaks to a commitment to catering to both leisure and business travelers seeking a semblance of home. Situated on a sprawling 15-acre site, the hotel aims to serve the area’s burgeoning growth, positioning itself as a pivotal element in the region’s hospitality landscape.

The emphasis on extended-stay amenities aligns with contemporary travel trends, indicating a foresight into guest preferences and a dedication to delivering a nuanced hospitality experience.

Course Renovation

In 2022, Heritage Harbour Golf Club began a comprehensive $2 million renovation project, organized by renowned landscape architect Nick Campanelli, to enhance its visual charm and operational capabilities. This ambitious redesign aimed to elevate the course’s aesthetic appeal and improve its functionality and sustainability.

The renovation sought to offer a more engaging and environmentally responsible golfing experience by carefully reconfiguring the layout and integrating advanced irrigation systems. The project’s scope included meticulously selecting resilient and suited-to-the-local climate turf varieties, ensuring the course’s lush beauty and playability year-round.

As the renovation progresses, excitement builds among golf enthusiasts and members, who are excited to witness the transformation of this beloved course into a premier golfing destination.

Community Benefits

community engagement and support

Building on the recent course renovation’s foundation, the Heritage Harbour Resort Project is poised to deliver significant community benefits, encompassing enhanced recreational opportunities and economic growth. This multifaceted development is set to fortify the local economy through job creation, increased tourism, and the stimulation of adjacent businesses. Including club homes and a hotel introduces a new dimension of community engagement and belonging, further enriching the social fabric.

Benefit Description Impact
Enhanced Recreational Spaces Access to renovated golf course and resort pool Increased Well-being
Economic Growth Job creation and tourism Local Economy Boost
Community Engagement New residential and hospitality offerings Enhanced Belonging
Access to Amenities Hotel amenities available to residents Lifestyle Improvement
Stimulation of Local Businesses Increased traffic and revenue Business Growth

The project promises to be a beacon of leisure and lifestyle enhancement and a catalyst for sustained economic vibrancy within the community.

Project Timeline

The Heritage Harbour Resort Project, set to redefine the local landscape, initiated its ambitious journey with the groundbreaking for the 74 club homes in early 2022. This marked the first phase in a series of developments to fill a regional void for stay-and-play golf experiences.

The construction of the Home2Suites by Hilton hotel, featuring more than 100 rooms, followed, augmenting the project’s allure with its resort-style amenities tailored for extended stays. By May 2022, the project received approval from Manatee County commissioners, underscoring its compliance with regional development plans and community expectations.

With a projected completion date in early 2025, the development is on a clear path to enriching the local community. It promises a blend of luxury living and premier golfing experiences.

Economic Impacts

economic effects of pandemic

Economic forecasts predict the Heritage Harbour Resort Project will significantly enhance local employment opportunities and increase annual revenue streams for the surrounding community. By initiating the construction of 74 club homes and a Home2Suites by Hilton property, this development is set to become a significant economic contributor to the area.

Introducing these properties promises to attract visitors and stimulate the local economy through job creation in the construction, hospitality, and service sectors. The project’s alignment with the golf club’s renovation and expansion endeavors indicates a strategic approach to maximizing economic benefits.

This holistic development strategy underscores a commitment to fostering economic prosperity, ensuring the community thrives alongside the growth of the Heritage Harbour Resort Project.

Future Expectations

As we examine the anticipated outcomes of the Heritage Harbour Resort Project, it becomes evident that this initiative is poised to redefine the local landscape socially and economically, setting a new benchmark for integrated resort developments.

The project’s strategic integration of 74 club homes alongside a Home2Suites by Hilton hotel is expected to catalyze a vibrant community nucleus and foster a sense of belonging among residents and visitors alike.

With the golf club’s recent $2 million renovation, the project not only promises to attract golf enthusiasts but also aims to establish a distinctive boutique experience, enhancing the area’s appeal.

Adding hotel amenities accessible to residents underlines a commitment to thorough community development, indicating a future where Heritage Harbour becomes synonymous with luxury, leisure, and lifestyle excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Specific Environmental Measures Are Being Implemented to Ensure the Construction and Operation of the Heritage Harbour Resort Project Are Sustainable?

The inquiry seeks to unearth the sustainable practices enveloping the Heritage Harbour resort’s construction and operation. Detailed analysis reveals a commitment to environmental stewardship, symbolized by green building techniques and eco-friendly operational measures, fostering a sense of community belonging.

How Will the Project Address Increased Traffic and Potential Congestion in the Surrounding Areas, Especially During Peak Seasons?

The project plans to implement thorough traffic management strategies to mitigate increased traffic and potential congestion, especially during peak seasons. These include infrastructure enhancements and collaboration with local authorities to guarantee smooth traffic flow and accessibility.

Are Any Local Employment Opportunities Being Created During the Construction Phase and Post-Completion of the Project?

Is the community prepared to embrace the employment surge? The Heritage Harbour Resort project will generate numerous local jobs during construction and beyond, fostering a sense of belonging among residents through enhanced economic activity and community engagement.

Will the Heritage Harbour Resort Project Include Community Engagement Initiatives or Partnerships With Local Schools and Organizations?

The Heritage Harbour Resort project’s documentation does not explicitly detail community engagement initiatives or partnerships with local schools and organizations. Instead, it focuses primarily on development aspects such as construction, amenities, and anticipated economic benefits to the region.

How is the Club Homes and Hotel Design Being Tailored to Blend With Heritage Harbour’s Existing Landscape and Community Architecture?

The club homes and hotel design meticulously align with Heritage Harbour’s existing landscape and architectural ethos, ensuring seamless integration. This strategic approach fosters a sense of belonging and enhances the community’s cohesive aesthetic.


The Heritage Harbour Golf Club in Bradenton is undergoing a major renovation, transforming it into the Heritage Harbour Golf Resort. This development project includes a three-tier renovation plan to attract more visitors and club owners to the semi-private club. The project will also introduce resort amenities such as villas and a lodge, making it a flagship property in the stay-and-play resort industry.

The Heritage Harbour development partner, Jay Heater, is leading the renovation efforts to tap into the market ripe for vacation rental properties in Bradenton. The project also includes the development of townhomes and fractional ownership properties to diversify the revenue stream for the club owners. With its strategic location in Bradenton West, the Heritage Harbour Golf Resort is set to become a prime destination for golf enthusiasts and vacationers.

For more information, call your local experienced realtor. They can provide detailed insights into the exciting opportunities unfolding at Heritage Harbour. From the renovation efforts led by development partner Jay Heater to the development of townhomes and fractional ownership properties, many possibilities await exploring. Don’t miss out on being a part of this transformative project in Bradenton West.