Buying a home without seeing it in person happens more often than you think. Between the growing capabilities of the Internet and the increasingly mobile nature of people’s lives, more people are leaping. The pandemic has added a new dimension to the virtual home search, with some buyers opting for a virtual home search because they feel more safe using this method.

While it is possible to find, tour, and purchase a home virtually – without stepping foot in it – there is a right and wrong way. Here, we outline tips to help ensure that you end up with the home of your dreams, not a nightmare.

1. Get Detailed With Your Wish List For Buying A Home

Only when you physically walk through a house, condominium, or apartment to experience the feeling of being home is an option for buyers buying a home sight unseen. This makes giving your real estate agent a detailed wish list even more imperative than ordinary circumstances.

Think about what you want aesthetically, functionally, and location-wise from your new home. Go through the exterior and the interior and take every little detail into account, from prominent elements like the style of the house to small parts like the hardware on the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. Share it all with your agent, and do not feel bad about getting granular. After all, your agent’s job is to find you the perfect home!

2. Take Virtual Tours

Three-dimensional virtual home tours have been available for several years, but the pandemic has significantly increased their availability and use. As a result, most homeowners make these tours available as a matter of course now.

Virtual tours are a great starting point for seeing the details of the home with your eyes. You should always send your agent to walk through the house in person. There are several reasons for this. Unscrupulous may conceal areas of concern when designating the creation of their virtual tour. Sometimes, flaws get overlooked unintentionally. Nothing is physically wrong with the home in other cases, but something may look different on camera than in person.

3. Visit the Neighborhood

While buying the home, the surrounding neighborhood will affect your life, from the noise level to any new construction. Plus, you may prefer a specific type of aesthetic in your area, such as mature trees over trees planted a few years before.

Scoping out the neighborhood can be done in person or using Google Maps and Google Streetview. Please ask your agent to walk the area in person when they can tour the home.

Working With Clients The Way They Prefer

The team at Gina Morgando Homes has been helping clients find their dream homes sight unseen and in person for years. Led by Gina, who is highly adept at leveraging social media and technology to guide clients toward the perfect home, our team pivots to meet all clients’ needs.

A home is a significant investment that should not be left to “good luck.” When you partner with our team, you can rest assured you will know precisely what you are getting when you buying a home.