Step inside Windward at Lakewood Ranch, where Neal Communities showcases unparalleled living standards, top-notch quality, diverse home choices, and a wealth of inclusive amenities. Here, exceptional living standards are epitomized through a dedication to top-tier quality, a wide array of home offerings to suit every taste, and a comprehensive range of amenities that cater to all aspects of modern living. This community is distinctly positioned to surpass resident expectations by integrating resort-style swimming pools, sports courts, and professional lawn maintenance within its housing model.

Including these amenities alongside the assurance of Neal Communities’ esteemed portfolio signifies an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and excellence. Additionally, the strategic comparison between Lakewood Ranch and Wellen Park highlights the development’s competitive edge in providing an enhanced lifestyle and fostering community connections. By examining the nuances of community living costs, infrastructure enhancements, and housing market trends, prospective residents gain the necessary insights to make informed decisions about their future homes. Engaging with this guide presents the opportunity to uncover further subtleties of Windward at Lakewood Ranch’s lifestyle offerings and community dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • Neal Communities specializes in Windward at Lakewood Ranch, offering diverse homes and exceeding expectations.
  • The community features all-inclusive amenities, including a resort-style swimming pool and sports courts.
  • Professional lawn maintenance for all homes is covered by HOA fees, ensuring a hassle-free living experience.
  • The portfolio of Neal Communities ensures quality craftsmanship, contributing to an exceptional living experience.
  • Windward at Lakewood Ranch provides a range of housing options, with four unique home series and villas starting in the high $400,000s.

Sunshine State Company

Neal Communities, a prominent full-service real estate brokerage, epitomizes excellence in the Sunshine State by specializing in the Windward at Lakewood Ranch community. Published on March 5, 2024, their insights on location, home designs, amenities, and HOA fees deliver a detailed understanding tailored for modern homebuyers. Neal Communities WINDWARD stands out as a beacon of residential innovation, providing a range of homes that cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. The analytical approach adopted in presenting these offerings underscores the commitment to not meeting and exceeding future residents’ expectations.

The focus on amenities within the Windward at Lakewood Ranch community reflects the lifestyle Neal Communities envisioned. From recreational facilities to community spaces, the amenities foster a sense of belonging among residents, tangibly enhancing their quality of life. Moreover, the detailed information on HOA fees offers transparency, allowing prospective homeowners to make informed decisions. This detailed breakdown ensures that individuals understand the value they receive, aligning with the pursuit of a house and a home within a community that resonates with their aspirations for comfort, convenience, and connection.

Lakewood Ranch Highlights

Lakewood Ranch in Florida distinguishes itself as a multifaceted community, offering over 40 neighborhoods with an array of authentic-style amenities to cater to varying price points and lifestyle preferences. This extensive estate development has become a beacon for those seeking a balanced lifestyle that combines the convenience of urban living with the charm of suburban spaces. The strategic development of amenities and infrastructures, such as adding new schools and the planned Waterside District, underscores Lakewood Ranch’s commitment to creating a self-sustained downtown area that enhances the sense of community among residents.

Key highlights of Lakewood Ranch include:

  • The development of the Waterside District, aiming to offer a vibrant mix of dining, retail, and fitness options, further advances Lakewood Ranch’s vision for a bustling suburban downtown.
  • A wide selection of commercial amenities, including the Lakewood Ranch Library and diverse dining options, enrich the daily lives of community members.
  • Introducing new housing communities like Star Farms, Sweetwater, and Esplanade at Azario provides a wide range of estate options to accommodate different budgets and lifestyle needs.
  • Expanding the education sector with two new schools by 2024 demonstrates a commitment to fostering a nurturing family environment.

Wellen Park Comparison

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When comparing Wellen Park to Lakewood Ranch, it is essential to examine the amenities offered at Wellen Park, which are critical to its exceptional appeal to homebuyers. Additionally, understanding the living costs associated with each community provides insight into the value proposition both offer, highlighting differences in lifestyle and financial considerations. This comparison aims to equip potential buyers with the necessary information to make an informed decision between these two exceptional Florida communities.

Wellen Park Amenities Overview

Wellen Park distinguishes itself as a premier destination by offering a variety of amenities designed to foster a sense of community and encourage an active lifestyle among its residents. As outlined in the ‘A to Z Guide: Neal Communities Windward at Lakewood Ranch 2024 New Home Source,’ this vibrant community is unparalleled in its various features that cater to multiple interests and ages.

  • *Wellen Park Adventure Park and South Village Club* offer exceptional experiences and social hubs.
  • *Playgrounds, walking trails, and dog parks* facilitate outdoor activities and nature engagement.
  • *Diverse dining options, retail spaces, and entertainment venues* cater to every taste and need.
  • *Fitness centers, sports courts, and social gathering areas* emphasize health, wellness, and community connections.

With these amenities, Wellen Park creates an enviable lifestyle that resonates with those seeking belonging and an active community life.

Comparing Community Living Costs

Understanding the nuances in living costs between Neal Communities’ Windward at Lakewood Ranch and Wellen Park is essential for prospective residents making informed decisions about their future homes. Lakewood Ranch, Florida, boasts a variety of home designs and an array of robust amenities, potentially influencing overall living costs due to its prime location within a master-planned community. Conversely, Wellen Park distinguishes itself with exclusive features and lifestyle offerings, providing amenities tailored to a different living experience.

This variation is reflected in the cost of living, as each community caters to specific preferences and lifestyles. Analyzing these differences, it becomes apparent that choosing between Lakewood Ranch and Wellen Park involves considering the initial financial outlay and the long-term value of each location’s amenities and lifestyle.

Community Insights

Delving into the essence of Windward at Lakewood Ranch, one discovers a carefully planned community that embodies modern living with its diverse home series and all-encompassing amenities. This community stands out for its thoughtful integration of home designs, varied price points, and resort-style amenities, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

Critical insights into the community include:

  • Diverse Home Series: Offering four unique home series – Coral, Cruise, Celebration, and Coastal – Windward accommodates different family sizes and preferences, ranging from cozy two-bedroom villas to more spacious three to four-bedroom coastal homes.
  • Resort-Style Amenities: Residents enjoy access to various amenities, including a resort-style swimming pool, pickleball and tennis courts, a clubhouse with a fitness center, and a children’s swimming pool and playground, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Flexible Build Times: With typical build times ranging from 9 to 12 months and options for quicker builds, Windward provides prospective homeowners with flexibility, ensuring they can manage the construction process according to their timelines.
  • Maintenance and Fees: Monthly fees vary, covering exterior maintenance and access to community amenities. Villa fees are around $150, and higher-end home fees average $310, which includes the services of a full-time activity director.

The community of Windward at Lakewood Ranch not only offers a variety of home designs and price points and creates an inviting environment with its resort-style amenities, making it a coveted location for those seeking a sense of belonging and a high-quality living experience.

Nearby Attractions

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Situated in the lively center of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Windward at Lakewood Ranch boasts proximity to various alluring nearby attractions, offering residents an exceptional lifestyle experience. This vibrant locality is not just about the stunning West Indies/British West Indies coastal architectural style or the range of single-family home options. It’s also about the rich tapestry of experiences waiting just a stone’s throw away. From the serene beaches to bustling downtown Lakewood Ranch, every corner promises an adventure.

Attraction Distance from Windward Description
Downtown Lakewood Ranch Within 10 miles A hub of activity with shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Sarasota Within 20 miles Known for its vibrant arts scene and beautiful beaches.
Lido Beach Within 25 miles It is a perfect spot for a relaxing day under the sun.
Siesta Key Within 30 miles It is famous for its powdery white sand and tranquil blue waters.
Pickleball Courts Onsite Offering residents an active lifestyle with resort-style amenities.

Windward at Lakewood Ranch provides a comfortable and stylish living space as a gateway to a world of leisure, culture, and community.

Suburban Living Benefits

Suburban living in Windward at Lakewood Ranch seamlessly marries the uniqueness of a peaceful environment with the convenience of nearby urban amenities, offering residents a specific lifestyle experience. This master-planned community is designed with a sharp eye for detail and an understanding of what families desire in a suburban setting. The benefits of choosing Windward for suburban living are varied. It provides a harmonious balance between nature and modern convenience that enhances the quality of life for its residents.

  • Resort-style amenities: Windward boasts a variety of resort-style amenities that cater to relaxation and active lifestyles alike, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and state-of-the-art fitness centers.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere: The community is designed with families in mind, offering playgrounds, sports fields, and a schedule of social events that foster a sense of belonging and community spirit.
  • Tranquil environment: Residents enjoy the peace of a peaceful, suburban setting, free from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Accessibility to urban amenities: Despite its peaceful location, Windward remains conveniently close to downtown Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, and famous beaches, ensuring that urban conveniences are never far away.

Windsong Ranch Guide

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The discovery of Windsong Ranch reveals a wide-ranging suite of amenities, community gatherings, and thoughtfully designed neighborhood features that set this Prosper, Texas master-planned community apart. Showcasing the 5-acre Crystal Lagoon and over 600 acres of green space, Windsong Ranch’s amenities encourage an active and recreational lifestyle and promote community involvement and well-being among residents. An overview of community gatherings and neighborhood design features further illustrates the dedication to creating a harmonious and inclusive environment for people and families of diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Windsong Ranch Amenities

Windsong Ranch offers various amenities that cater to its residents’ diverse needs and preferences, ranging from recreational facilities to community spaces. This commitment to providing an all-encompassing living experience positions Windsong Ranch as a premier destination for those seeking a new home in the Lakewood Ranch area. The community’s amenities include:

  • A resort-style swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool
  • Pickleball and tennis courts, alongside volleyball courts and mixed sports fields
  • A dog park for pet lovers
  • A resident-only clubhouse equipped with a fitness center

Such variety guarantees that all residents, regardless of their hobbies or family composition, find something to enjoy, reinforcing the sense of belonging within the Windsong Ranch community.

Community Events Overview

In Prosper, Texas, residents of Windsong Ranch enjoy a dynamic community life enriched by a diverse array of events designed to cater to people and families of all ages. The vibrant social atmosphere fostered by these events parallels the community spirit in new Communities WINDWARD at Lakewood Ranch, emphasizing a sense of belonging and engagement.

Event Type Description
Outdoor Concerts Live music under the stars.
Farmers Markets Fresh, local produce and goods.
Holiday Celebrations Festive gatherings for all major holidays.
Fitness Classes Health and wellness for every age.

Windsong Ranch creates a lively and engaging experience through these events, ensuring residents feel deeply connected to their community throughout the year.

Neighborhood Design Features Inside Winddward

Delving into Windward’s architectural and design elements at Lakewood Ranch reveals a commitment to creating a visually stunning and functionally superior living environment. This neighborhood prioritizes aesthetic appeal and guarantees residents a deep sense of belonging through its thoughtful layout and amenities.

  • The West Indies/British West Indies coastal architectural style offers a distinct, beachy aesthetic that sets Windward at Lakewood Ranch apart.
  • Resort-style amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, a clubhouse, and a fitness center, foster a community centered around health and leisure.
  • A range of housing options across four home series with diverse pricing, catering to a broad demographic.
  • Planned road enhancements and customizable home models emphasize the community’s dedication to growth and customization, enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Sunridge at MacDonald

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Nestled within the expansive Windward at Lakewood Ranch development in Florida, Sunridge at MacDonald emerges as a new community, offering diverse housing options and premium resort-style amenities. As part of the esteemed Neal Communities portfolio, this neighborhood promises quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in home construction. It integrates seamlessly into the larger vision of Windward at Lakewood Ranch. The architectural designs, influenced by the coastal and West Indies/British West Indies aesthetic, provide a distinctive and inviting ambiance.

Feature Description
Housing Options Single-family homes and villas
Architectural Style Coastal design with a West Indies/British West Indies influence
Resort-Style Amenities Swimming pools, fitness centers, and playgrounds

Sunridge at MacDonald stands out for its commitment to offering a lifestyle that combines leisure, community, and beauty. The various housing options cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring everyone can find their perfect home. With Neal Communities at the helm, residents can expect an exceptional living experience marked by a steadfast dedication to excellence and sustainability.

Potts Point Preferences

Potts Point, a prestigious neighborhood within Windward at Lakewood Ranch, presents an elegant selection of villas and single-family homes, appealing to diverse homeowner preferences and financial plans. This enclave guarantees that residents find the perfect match for their lifestyle, whether they prioritize space, luxury, or budget. The community is meticulously designed to cater to various budget preferences, with home models that reflect the sophistication and charm expected of such a distinguished location.

Key features that highlight the allure of Potts Point include:

  • A diverse range of home models, including villas and single-family homes, to suit different lifestyle needs and preferences.
  • With homes starting in the high $400,000s, competitive pricing accommodates a broad spectrum of financial considerations.
  • Resort-style amenities such as swimming pools, spa areas, fitness centers, and vibrant social events foster community and well-being.
  • Thorough professional lawn maintenance for all homes and community spaces, including a clubhouse, playgrounds, courts, and a children’s pool, ensuring a hassle-free and enriched living experience.

Potts Point exemplifies a community where the pursuit of a balanced and luxurious lifestyle is within reach, underscored by an array of home models, thoughtful amenities, and inclusive budget preferences.

Franklin County Discoveries

exploring franklin county s secrets

While Potts Point offers a harmonious blend of luxury and community within Windward at Lakewood Ranch, Franklin County, Florida’s allure lies in its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. For those who are part of the Neal Communities at Windward At Lakewood, exploring the untouched charm of Franklin County can provide a refreshing contrast to the meticulously planned environment of Lakewood Ranch.

The scenic beauty, historic towns, and distinctive wildlife of Franklin County make it an ideal destination for those seeking to connect with nature and experience the genuine Florida lifestyle. Here is a concise guide to what Franklin County has to offer:

Feature Description
Apalachicola It is a historic town known for its oysters and intriguing architecture.
St. George Island Offers white sandy beaches and outstanding fishing opportunities.
Apalachicola National Forest It is a vast area with diverse ecosystems, ideal for outdoor recreational activities.

In an analytical view, Franklin County is a compelling complement to the lifestyle at Windward At Lakewood, offering Neal Communities residents a gateway to exploring Florida’s natural wonders and historic charm. This juxtaposition enriches the living experience, balancing upscale community living and the raw beauty of Florida’s landscapes.

South Florida Co-Living

In South Florida’s dynamic property landscape, co-living emerges as a multifaceted housing solution that marries economic efficiency with vibrant community living. The selection of a co-living location is paramount, not only for its potential to amplify the benefits—such as reduced living costs and enhanced social connections—but also for aligning with the diverse needs of its residents, from young professionals to retirees seeking engagement within their living spaces. This discussion aims to elucidate the advantages of co-living arrangements and the critical considerations in choosing the best location within South Florida’s bustling urban and suburban environments.

Co-Living Benefits

Co-living in South Florida allows people to enjoy shared living spaces while maintaining private bedrooms, fostering social connections and personal privacy. This arrangement, particularly in developments like Neal Communities Windward at Lakewood Ranch, highlights the evolving housing landscape where shared amenities play a central role.

  • Shared Amenities: Access to kitchens, living rooms, and social spaces encourages a communal lifestyle.
  • Affordability: Inclusive rent often covers utilities, maintenance, and cleaning services, making living costs more predictable.
  • Community Building: Promotes social interaction and a sense of belonging among residents.
  • Convenience: Simplifies the living experience by removing the hassles of traditional housing, such as dealing with utilities and maintenance issues.

Co-living in South Florida is reshaping the home concept, blending personal privacy with the benefits of community living.

Choosing a Location

Selecting the best location for co-living in South Florida necessitates a thorough assessment of the region’s amenities, transportation connections, and community atmosphere to guarantee it meets the diverse needs of its residents. Within this framework, Lakewood Ranch, developed by Neal Communities, emerges as a prime location for co-living arrangements. Providing a harmonious combination of urban amenities and a suburban sense of community, Lakewood Ranch caters to young professionals, students, and remote workers, all seeking cost-effective living solutions without compromising on quality of life.

The strategic location guarantees convenient access to work, education, and leisure, while the inclusive environment promotes a strong sense of belonging. Neal Communities’ emphasis on creating spaces encouraging social interaction and community involvement positions Lakewood Ranch as an ideal location for co-living in South Florida.

Leaside Dream Homes

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Leaside Dream Homes epitomizes luxurious living through their spacious floor plans and high-end finishes, setting a new standard for upscale residential communities. Developed by Neal Communities within the Windward at Lakewood Ranch project, these homes are more than just a place to live; they are a sanctuary designed for those who seek an extraordinary living experience. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, each home is a masterpiece that reflects its residents’ distinctive tastes and lifestyles.

  • Modern designs blend seamlessly with functionality, providing an aesthetically pleasing environment that is both inviting and practical.
  • Premium appliances and personalized upgrades allow homeowners to tailor their spaces to their preferences and needs.
  • Access to resort-style amenities ensures that leisure and relaxation are always within reach and fosters a vibrant community atmosphere.
  • Outstanding customer service from Neal Communities, ensuring a smooth and satisfying home-buying experience from start to finish.

Leaside Dream Homes offers a rare opportunity to become part of a prestigious community where every detail is carefully crafted. This is where luxury meets lifestyle, creating a haven for those wanting to belong in a world-class neighborhood.

Planned Development Pros/Cons

Exploring the advantages and challenges of planned developments such as Neal Communities Windward at Lakewood Ranch reveals a multifaceted picture. On the one hand, these communities boast all-inclusive amenities, integrated local infrastructure, and favorable housing market trends, contributing to a desirable living environment. On the other hand, evaluating their impact requires a nuanced understanding of potential drawbacks, including the sustainability of growth and the integration with broader urban planning objectives.

Community Amenities Overview

Why should potential residents consider Windward at Lakewood Ranch for their new home? This community’s allure lies in its picturesque surroundings and its wide range of amenities. These amenities, paired with professional lawn maintenance and managed by HOA fees, guarantee a convenient and high-quality living environment.

  • Resort-style swimming pool, pickleball and tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a resident-only clubhouse with a fitness center
  • Additional amenities include a children’s swimming pool, playground, and mixed sports fields.
  • Professional lawn maintenance for all homes
  • HOA fees vary, covering amenities and maintenance costs for a well-kept living environment

These features highlight how Windward at Lakewood Ranch prioritizes community and quality of life, making it an appealing option for those seeking belonging and comfort in their new home.

Local Infrastructure Impact

The proposed developments within Windward at Lakewood Ranch are positioned to significantly impact the local infrastructure, bringing potential benefits and challenges to the community. The enhancements, including improved road access, aim to foster better connectivity within Lakewood Ranch, facilitating smoother commutes for residents. The continuous development and upgrades also promise to elevate the community’s living standards, offering a more refined lifestyle aligned with Neal Holmes’ vision of leveraging prime locations.

However, these planned developments also necessitate careful consideration of the infrastructure’s ability to support the anticipated growth, ensuring that the enhancements lead to an inclusive, thriving community rather than overburdening existing resources. Overall, these infrastructure enhancements are crucial to realizing the full potential of Lakewood Ranch’s planned developments.

Considering the implications of infrastructure improvements at Windward at Lakewood Ranch, it is pertinent to examine the housing market trends within this planned development, including the advantages and disadvantages these trends present to potential homeowners.

  • Various home sizes and pricing tiers cater to diverse needs, fostering a sense of belonging within the Communities WINDWARD At Lakewood.
  • Over 17 floor plans offer choices, from villas to single-family homes, starting in the high $400,000s, ensuring something for everyone.
  • Resort-style amenities enhance the quality of life but may result in varying HOA and CDD fees, impacting long-term affordability.
  • Future developments promise enhanced community appeal, though they may lead to increased HOA and CDD fees, necessitating careful financial planning.

Tiny Home Perspectives

Exploring the world of compact homes reveals a groundbreaking approach to living where simple design meets functionality and eco-friendliness. In the heart of Lakewood Ranch, the tiny home movement attracts attention for its dedication to a sustainable lifestyle, challenging the traditional American dream of large homes and excess space. Typically ranging from 100 to 400 square feet, these tiny homes redefine living space through innovative space-saving solutions such as loft beds and multifunctional furniture, emphasizing minimalist living that prioritizes experiences over material possessions.

The trend towards tiny homes at Lakewood Ranch is not just about reducing one’s carbon footprint or lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs; it’s also about fostering a sense of community among residents who share similar values of sustainability and simplicity. The embrace of the tiny living concept within this community demonstrates a growing awareness and desire for a lifestyle that balances environmental responsibility with fulfillment. As more people seek to live meaningfully with less, Lakewood Ranch’s tiny homes offer a compelling blueprint for a future where small-scale living and communal values converge, heralding a new era of residential living.

Exploring New Topics

diverse learning opportunities available Exploring new topics within the realm of residential development, Neal Communities’ Windward at Lakewood Ranch introduces a diverse range of housing options designed to cater to varying preferences and financial capabilities. This development showcases the commitment of Neal Communities to creating inclusive environments that offer a sense of belonging to all residents. The Windward at Lakewood Ranch is notable for its four unique home series, each designed with specific lifestyles and budgets in mind:
  • The Coral Series features villas with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two-car garages, starting in the high $400,000s. These are ideal for those seeking a cozy yet luxurious living space.
  • Cruise Series homes balance space and affordability. Models range from 1500 to 2400 square feet and are priced from the low 300s, catering to families looking for comfort and value.
  • The Celebration Collection offers more spacious homes, from 2100 to 3000 square feet, with prices ranging from $350k to $420k, designed for those who desire roomier living environments.
  • For those prioritizing size and upscale amenities, the Coastal homes range from 2,400 to 3,000 square feet, with prices starting from the high $400s.

This analysis underscores the meticulous planning and variety Neal Communities has infused into Windward at Lakewood Ranch, ensuring a home series that aligns with diverse buyer aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the community inside Windward at Lakewood Ranch from others?

In Windward at Lakewood Ranch, meticulous planning ensures diverse architectural styles and all-encompassing amenities, such as a resort-style pool and tennis courts, fostering an inclusive living experience for residents.

Is Lakewood Ranch a Planned Community?

Lakewood Ranch is a carefully planned community covering 33,000 acres in Florida. It is known for its diverse architectural styles and all-encompassing amenities, including a resort-style pool and tennis courts for an inclusive living experience.

Why Live in Lakewood Ranch?

Living in Lakewood Ranch offers a tapestry of lifestyle experiences, blending resort-style amenities with a robust educational and commercial landscape, appealing to those seeking a sense of community and a diverse, enriching environment.

How Many Communities Are in Lakewood Ranch?

Lakewood Ranch in Florida encompasses over 40 communities, each offering various resort-style amenities across different price points to foster a sense of belonging and enhance residents’ quality of life.


When looking for a place to call home, it’s essential to consider the community. Master-planned communities like Waterside Place, Arbor Grande, Polo Run, and Star Farms offer a picturesque setting with top-tier amenities. They feature single-family homes with distinctive designs and garages. These communities have a variety of amenities, such as a resort-style pool, fitness center, tennis courts, pickleball courts, bocce ball courts, and splash pads. They also offer activities for all stages of life, including recreational activities, social activities, and dining experiences. 

For families with school-aged children, it’s essential to consider the quality of public schools. Palmer Ranch, Skye Ranch, and Waterside Lakewood Ranch have top-rated schools nearby, such as Mona Jain Middle and Lakewood Ranch High School. For active adults, Cresswind Lakewood Ranch and Wild Blue offer a sense of community with resort-style swimming pools and active living. 

Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch offers Villa Neighborhoods with world-class amenities. They offer membership to the art fitness center, social membership, and golf membership. This community also offers childcare with a low child ratio to ensure quality care. The Neighborhood Brasserie is a great place to enjoy a meal or a drink with friends. 

In conclusion, finding the right community is essential to having an enjoyable daily life. Communities like Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch offer distinctive homes with up to 2,600 square feet of living space and a private pool. Summerfield Community Park is a beautiful community with a close-knit feel. The Amenity Level showcases the fantastic community with a world-class amenity campus for those who want to enjoy the best of Manatee and Sarasota Counties; Lakewood Ranch Main Street, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, and Lakewood Ranch Golf are all nearby.