In Pinellas County, Florida, a collection of remarkable new neighborhoods has emerged, each representing the essence of modern living and architectural innovation. Among these Pinellas and Hillsborough Gems, Southshore Yacht ClubPembroke Bay shines as a beacon of luxury waterfront living, offering resort-style amenities that redefine residential comfort. Similarly, Hamlin Landing provides meticulously designed homes strategically located for easy access to major roadways, ensuring convenience without compromising quality.

Bryant Square has spacious floor plans and community features to enhance residents’ quality of life. Additionally, Palm River Townhomes exemplify the trend towards luxurious living in Tampa, reflecting the growing demand for upscale accommodations. These neighborhoods collectively redefine the landscape of residential living in Pinellas County, integrating green technologies and energy-efficient designs to set a new standard for sustainable urban development.

Exploring their offerings reveals a strategic blend of amenities, prime locations, and contemporary design elements that cater to a diverse range of lifestyle preferences and investment objectives, making them highly sought-after destinations within the county.

Key Takeaways

  • Southshore Yacht Club offers luxury waterfront living with homes priced up to $997,892.
  • Hamlin Landing features homes by David Weekley, with prices starting at $378,740.
  • Bryant Square introduces modern-designed homes by Lennar, priced from $289,900.
  • Palm River Townhomes provides luxurious living in Tampa with prices up to $1,044,395.
  • The Preserve – The Executives boasts premium amenities and executive-style homes with modern features.

Southshore Yacht Club – Pembroke Bay

Nestled in Ruskin, FL 33570, Southshore Yacht Club – Pembroke Bay emerges as a premier new home community, combining luxury living with modern amenities and spectacular waterfront views. Crafted meticulously by Lennar, the community exhibits a range of new homes priced between $824,990 and $997,892, catering to those who seek a blend of sophistication and comfort. This distinctive neighborhood is renowned for its resort-style amenities, positioning itself as a haven for residents and families who desire an upscale lifestyle by the water.

Southshore Yacht Club – Pembroke Bay’s allure is its luxurious abodes and strategic location, offering residents the essence of waterfront living. Each home is designed to maximize the breathtaking views of the surrounding waters, ensuring that residents can enjoy the serene beauty of their environment from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the community’s dedication to luxury living is evident in the quality of its construction and the thoughtful inclusion of modern amenities, promising a lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

Southshore Yacht Club- Pembroke Bay is a remarkable choice for those searching for a distinctive community that offers new homes with extraordinary waterfront views and luxury living.

Hamlin Landing

Hamlin Landing emerges as a remarkable addition to Tampa, FL’s 33618 property market, offering a range of homes priced from $378,740 to $438,490. This new home community has quickly become a sought-after locale for people and families yearning for belonging within a vibrant neighborhood. Crafted by David Weekley Homes, a builder renowned for quality and innovation, Hamlin Landing promises an exceptional living experience.

The homes in Hamlin Landing are thoughtfully designed with 3 to 4 bedrooms, catering to various lifestyles and family sizes. Each residence boasts modern amenities that blend seamlessly with elegant aesthetics to create functional and inviting spaces. These features and the community’s strategic location provide residents convenient access to major roads, facilitating easy commutes to employment centers, shopping, dining, and recreational activities.

Hamlin Landing stands out for its beautiful homes and for fostering a community atmosphere where neighbors connect and create lasting memories. It represents an ideal blend of contemporary living and community warmth, making it a perfect choice for those seeking new homes in Tampa.

Bryant Square – The Town Estates

luxury homes in bryant square

Moving forward in exploring Pinellas County’s newest neighborhoods, we will focus on Bryant Square—The Town Estates. This community distinguishes itself through its architectural highlights reflecting modern sensibilities and classic comforts, catering to a broad spectrum of homeowner preferences. Additionally, the array of community amenities available to residents underscores a commitment to enhancing lifestyle quality, making Bryant Square a remarkable mention among the county’s recent developments.

Architectural Highlights

Bryant Square—The Town Estates stands out for its architectural excellence. It offers new construction homes that blend quality craftsmanship with modern amenities to meet the sophisticated tastes of New Port Richey homebuyers. These residences, constructed by Lennar, are nestled in a desirable neighborhood, presenting an idyllic setting for those seeking a blend of comfort and style.

  1. Spacious and Modern Floor Plans: Homes feature four bedrooms and three bathrooms and start at 1,800 sqft, catering to the needs of growing families.
  2. Tailored Prices: With options ranging from $289,900 to $331,690, buyers can find a home that fits their needs and budget.
  3. Esteemed Builder: Lennar’s reputation for delivering homes with quality craftsmanship and modern amenities makes it a valuable investment in a cherished community.

Community Amenities

Residents of Bryant Square – The Town Estates enjoy access to a range of impressive community amenities designed to enhance their living experience. Nestled in New Port Richey, FL 34655, with homes for sale priced between $289,900 and $331,690, this community stands out for its affordability and quality of life. The carefully curated amenities and facilities underscore a commitment to resident satisfaction, ensuring every need is met. Its desirable location provides seamless access to major roads, services, and especially top-rated schools, making it a magnet for families seeking an enriched living environment. New residents’ choice of Bryant Square – The Town Estates as their hometown in Pinellas County underscores its appeal, blending modern conveniences with the warmth of community living.

Bryant Square – The Townes

Shifting to Bryant Square – The Townes, this new development community in New Port Richey, FL, stands out through its unique architectural design, extensive community amenities, and strategic location within Pinellas County. The range of floor plans offered by Lennar, the builder, caters to varied homeowner preferences, ensuring a customized living experience. Additionally, including modern amenities paired with the neighborhood’s accessibility highlights its appeal to potential buyers seeking comfort and convenience.

Architectural Design Highlights

At the heart of Pinellas County, Bryant Square – The Townes stands out for its modern architectural design, a hallmark of Lennar’s commitment to high-quality construction and contemporary living spaces. These new construction homes in Pinellas County, FL, offer a fresh perspective on suburban living, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal to cater to the desires of the modern homeowner.

Key Highlights:

  1. Spacious Layouts: Homes starting at 1,774 sqft feature 3-4 bedrooms and 2.5-3.5 bathrooms, providing ample space for families of various sizes.
  2. Modern Design: Emphasizing modern architectural design, these homes offer sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out.
  3. Affordable Luxury: With prices ranging from $307,490 to $375,490, Bryant Square – The Townes delivers high-quality living at an accessible price point, making it an attractive option for new homebuyers in Pinellas County.

Community Amenities Offered

Bryant Square – The Townes offers an array of community amenities designed to enhance the living experience of its homeowners, from leisure facilities to practical services. Developed by Lennar, these new construction homes in New Port Richey, FL, are not just about modern designs and quality craftsmanship; they also focus on creating a sense of belonging and community. With amenities that cater to both the young and the young at heart, Bryant Square – The Townes truly prioritizes the comfort and convenience of its residents.

Amenity Description
Spacious Homes 3-4 bedrooms and 2.5-3.5 bathrooms offer ample family space.
Top-rated Schools Access to educational excellence for family-oriented living.
Quality Craftsmanship Homes constructed by Lennar ensure durability and modern design.
Family-Friendly Designed with families in mind, promoting a sense of community.
Leisure & Services Facilities and services aimed at enhancing residents’ lifestyles.

Location and Accessibility

Situated in the heart of New Port Richey, FL 34655, Bryant Square – The Townes offers its residents unparalleled access to a vibrant Pinellas County. This Lennar-developed community is not just about contemporary floor plans; it’s a gateway to a lifestyle of convenience and connectivity. With a strategic location, homeowners can enjoy the best suburban living without compromising accessibility to urban amenities.

  1. Proximity to Major Highways: Ensuring effortless commutes and quick trips to neighboring cities.
  2. Close to Shopping and Dining: A variety of options are just a stone’s throw away, catering to all tastes and needs.
  3. Access to Outdoor Recreation: Numerous nearby parks and waterways offer a respite from the urban routine and promote a balanced lifestyle.

Palm River Townhomes

Nestled in Tampa, FL 33619, Palm River Townhomes presents a luxurious living option with prices ranging from $789,900 to $1,044,395. These new construction homes, masterfully crafted by Lennar, offer an exceptional living experience in one of Tampa’s most sought-after locations. With a focus on modern amenities and stylish living spaces, Palm River Townhomes redefine the essence of sophisticated urban living.

Feature Description
Developer Lennar
Price Range $789,900 – $1,044,395
Square Footage 1,800 – 2,500 sqft
Location Tampa, FL 33619
Amenities Modern, Stylish Living Spaces

Lennar’s commitment to quality is evident in every detail of these homes, from the thoughtful floor plans ranging from 1,800 to 2,500 sqft to the inclusion of state-of-the-art amenities that cater to the desires of modern homeowners. Palm River Townhomes are not just houses but homes designed to foster a sense of belonging and community among residents. This development represents a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience, making it a premier choice for those seeking to make Tampa their home.

Southshore Yacht Club – The Townes

luxurious waterfront townhomes community

Southshore Yacht Club – The Townes presents an opportunity for luxury waterfront living in Pinellas County, FL, setting a new standard in the residential market. The community offers an array of amenities and lifestyle features that cater to the desires of modern homeowners, emphasizing comfort, convenience, and quality. Prospective buyers are met with diverse home design options, allowing for customization and fulfillment of unique housing needs within this prestigious neighborhood.

Luxury Waterfront Living

Providing an exquisite blend of luxury and picturesque surroundings, Southshore Yacht Club – The Townes offers a premium waterfront living experience in Pinellas County, FL. Crafted by Lennar, these new homes embody elegance and comfort, setting a high standard for waterfront living. Ideal for those seeking to elevate their lifestyle, this community combines premium features and amenities with breathtaking views.

  1. Price Range: Homes are priced between $307,490 to $375,490, catering to a discerning clientele.
  2. Builder Prestige: Constructed by Lennar, known for quality and innovation, ensuring a superior living experience.
  3. Location and Lifestyle: Situated in a prestigious waterfront community, it’s perfect for those desiring a serene yet luxurious living environment.

Amenities & Lifestyle Features

Building upon the lavish waterfront living offered by Southshore Yacht Club – The Townes, the community’s amenities and lifestyle features further enhance the resident experience with various upscale conveniences and recreational options. Nestled in Pinellas County, FL, this elite enclave of luxury townhomes delivers a distinctive blend of modern design and resort-style lifestyle, underscored by the serene beauty of waterfront vistas. Residents have restricted access to a private marina, making Tampa Bay’s aquatic playground their backyard.

Onshore, the community boasts a well-appointed clubhouse, state-of-the-art fitness center, sparkling pool, and picturesque walking trails. These amenities cater to physical well-being and foster a sense of belonging among residents, creating a vibrant, connected community centered around luxury and leisure.

Home Design Options

Reflecting the community’s emphasis on luxury and modern living, the home design options at Southshore Yacht Club – The Townes cater to various preferences and lifestyles, with floor plans priced between $307,490 and $375,490. Crafted by Lennar, these homes embody modern architecture, offering contemporary living spaces that resonate with elegance and comfort.

  1. Quality Construction: Built by Lennar, ensuring durability and excellence in every home.
  2. Modern Architecture: Features up to 4 bedrooms, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and open-concept layouts for a seamless living experience.
  3. Customization Options: This company offers smart home technology and many design choices to personalize your space, making each home distinct from its owner.

These aspects highlight a commitment to modernity, comfort, and belonging within a vibrant community.

Heron Bay

serene waterfront community setting

Heron Bay is a significant addition to Pinellas County, Florida, providing residents with various modern homes designed by KB Home. As a new home community that marries contemporary living with the charm of Pinellas County, Heron Bay has quickly become a sought-after location for people and families looking for a place to belong. The development offers a range of new homes that cater to diverse needs and preferences, featuring various floor plans and amenities designed for comfort and convenience.

Feature Details Impact on Residents
Location Desirable area in Pinellas County Easy access to highways and attractions
Home Options 3-5 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms Accommodates families of all sizes
Price Range $378,740 to $438,490 Offers affordable luxury

The strategic location of Heron Bay provides residents with unparalleled access to the best that Pinellas County has to offer, including major highways and attractions. This, combined with the thoughtful design and construction by KB Home, ensures that Heron Bay is not just a place to live but a community where families can thrive and create lasting memories.

Stonegate Preserve – The Estates

Stonegate Preserve – The Estates emerges as an upscale neighborhood in Pinellas County, FL, offering a variety of modern and spacious single-family homes. Developed by renowned builders, including David Weekley Homes, this community is designed to cater to those seeking a blend of luxury and comfort. With prices ranging from $650,000 to $850,000, the neighborhood promises a distinctive living experience amidst the tranquil backdrop of Pinellas County.

To understand what makes Stonegate Preserve – The Estates a sought-after address, consider the following:

  1. New Construction Homes: Each residence in Stonegate Preserve – The Estates showcases the latest architectural design and modern amenities, ensuring that homeowners enjoy contemporary living.
  2. Ideal Location: Situated near essential amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and parks, the neighborhood offers convenience alongside its serene environment, making it perfect for families looking to balance work and leisure.
  3. Community Environment: The Estates is more than just a collection of homes; it’s a peaceful, family-friendly community where residents can forge lasting relationships and a sense of belonging.

Stonegate Preserve – The Executives

luxurious living for professionals

Moving on to the segment on Stonegate Preserve – The Executives, this prestigious neighborhood in Pinellas County, FL, sets itself apart through its premium amenities and unique architectural design. The executive-style homes are remarkable for their modern amenities and features, upscale design, and quality construction, which mirrors the neighborhood’s dedication to excellence. These features, combined with the strategic location offering easy access to local amenities, position Stonegate Preserve – The Executives as a top choice for discerning homeowners seeking luxury and convenience.

Exclusive Amenities OffeResidents enjoy various luxurious amenities within the private Stonegate Preserve—The Executive’s neighborhood to enhance their living experience. The developers have meticulously curated a suite of unique features that cater to the desires of those seeking an upscale and comfortable lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of community and wellness. These amenities provide practical benefits and foster a sense of belonging among residents, making Stonegate Preserve a truly outstanding place to call home.

Special Amenities Offered:

  1. Community Clubhouse: This is a central hub for social gatherings, offering a versatile space for events, meetings, and leisure activities.
  2. Swimming Pool: A resort-style pool providing a revitalizing escape from the Florida heat, perfect for relaxation and family fun.
  3. Fitness Center: This well-equipped facility supports residents’ health and fitness goals and is accessible within the comfort of their neighborhood.

Architectural Design Highlights

Besides the distinctive amenities that enhance the lifestyle of its residents, Stonegate Preserve – The Executives also sets itself apart through its outstanding architectural design. Embodying contemporary architectural designs, these new homes feature clean lines and modern finishes, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. Distinctive exterior elements such as stone accents and expansive windows boost curb appeal and welcome natural light, enhancing the living spaces.

The open floor plan design highlights spacious interiors for cozy and chic living. Upscale features, including gourmet kitchens, luxury bathrooms, and roomy bedrooms, cater to the preferences of discerning homebuyers. Stonegate Preserve — The Executives’ architectural design’s combination of functionality, style, and sophistication positions it as a sought-after destination for those seeking a sense of belonging in a contemporary setting.

Benefits of Building New in Pinellas

Opting to construct a new home in Pinellas County presents several compelling advantages, including the ability to tailor your living space to meet your exact requirements and preferences. Investing in new construction homes in Pinellas reflects a deep commitment to creating a distinct habitat and leverages the latest in modern amenities and building technologies. This decision is underscored by the thoughtful consideration of potential appreciation, ensuring that your investment today could grow in value, amplifying your financial well-being in the future.

The benefits of choosing new construction in Pinellas include:

  1. Tailoring and Personalizing: From the ground up, you have the freedom to design and personalize your home to reflect your style, needs, and preferences, making your living space truly your own.
  2. Modern Amenities and Energy Efficiency: New homes in Pinellas are equipped with the latest modern amenities, including energy-efficient systems that can lead to significant savings on utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint.
  3. Potential Appreciation: Investing in a newly constructed home in Pinellas offers the potential for property value appreciation, making it a wise financial decision for the future.

Constructing new in Pinellas County not only provides a sense of belonging in one of Florida’s most vibrant communities but also affords peace of mind with warranties and the latest standards in construction quality.

analyzing pinellas county market

Understanding the estate trends in Pinellas County is essential for both buyers and sellers in this dynamically evolving market. The current inventory includes 338 new homes, highlighted by their status as Hot Homes. This designation signifies their high demand and underscores the competitive nature of Pinellas County’s property scene. With a median listing price of $430,000, these properties represent a significant investment opportunity, blending contemporary features and architectural innovation with the area’s natural charm and strategic location.

The active and vibrant market is further evidenced by the sale of 1,292 homes in the past month alone, illustrating a robust and engaging environment for property transactions. The average market time of 53 days and an average of 2 offers received per new home indicate a swiftly moving market that requires timely and informed decision-making.

Understanding these property trends is essential for those interested in the newest neighborhoods in Pinellas County. The blend of modern architecture, proximity to basic amenities, and the allure of Florida’s Gulf Coast make these new homes highly sought after. Therefore, approaching these trends strategically will be vital to securing a place in this desired community.

Modern Amenities in New Neighborhoods

As the landscape of Pinellas County evolves, new neighborhoods are emerging that offer residents a plethora of modern amenities, including smart home technology and energy-efficient features, setting a new standard for contemporary living. These new homes are designed with open-concept layouts and high-quality construction, reflecting a deep understanding of today’s homeowners’ desires for spaces that blend functionality with style. Incorporating stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and a thoughtful mix of historic charm with modern upgrades highlights the commitment to providing a house and a tailored home experience.

Key features that set these neighborhoods apart include:

  1. Smart Home Technology: Residents can enjoy the convenience and security of the latest smart home innovations, from automated climate control to advanced security systems.
  2. High-quality Construction: These homes emphasize durability and aesthetic appeal. They feature open-concept layouts, stainless steel appliances, and quartz countertops.
  3. Customization Options: Offering various customization options, homeowners can personalize their living spaces to reflect their unique tastes and lifestyle preferences.

The proximity to beaches, downtown Tampa, and major highways, combined with the option for personalization, makes these neighborhoods ideal for those seeking a modern, connected, and tailored living experience.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Living

efficient and sustainable living

Building on the foundation of modern amenities, Pinellas County’s new neighborhoods also prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable living, marking a significant step towards environmentally responsible housing. Integrating solar panels, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances showcases a commitment to reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable living. These neighborhoods are designed with the future in mind, utilizing green building practices that benefit the environment and offer homeowners significant savings on utility bills.

Feature Description Benefit
Solar Panels Convert sunlight into electricity, reducing reliance on the grid Lowers energy bills, reduces carbon footprint
LED Lighting Energy-efficient lighting that uses less power and lasts longer Reduces electricity usage, longer lifespan
Smart Home Technology Automated systems for heating, cooling, and lighting Enhances energy savings, adds convenience
Water-Saving Fixtures Fixtures that use less water without sacrificing performance Conserves water, reduces utility bills
Eco-Friendly Materials Building materials sourced from sustainable practices Supports environmental preservation, healthy living

Proximity to Beaches and Downtown Tampa

The strategic location of Pinellas County’s newest neighborhoods offers residents unmatched access to a pristine 35-mile stretch of beaches and the vibrant urban life of downtown Tampa. This distinctive positioning guarantees a perfect blend of coastal serenity and urban lifestyle, providing residents with the best of both worlds. The allure of living in these neighborhoods is not just the picturesque views or the quick commute to bustling city centers; it’s about belonging to a community that enjoys an exceptional quality of life.

Here are three key benefits of living in these strategically located neighborhoods:

  1. Easy Access to Beaches: Enjoy the luxury of having some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches within a short distance from your doorstep. Whether for a morning jog, a weekend family outing, or to watch the sunset, the beaches offer a peaceful escape from the urban hustle.
  2. Vibrant Urban Lifestyle: Downtown Tampa, with its rich cultural scene, entertainment options, and culinary delights, is easily accessible. This proximity allows residents to blend beach relaxation with the excitement of city living seamlessly.
  3. Convenient Commuting: The neighborhoods provide quick access to major highways, making commuting to work or other attractions hassle-free.

Living in Pinellas County’s newest neighborhoods means enjoying a lifestyle where the beauty of nature meets the convenience and excitement of urban living.

Investment Opportunities in Pinellas Real Estate

real estate investment potential

Pinellas County, Florida, emerges as a lucrative canvas for property investors, offering a vibrant market with 338 new properties currently listed for sale at a median price of $430,000. The estate market here is not just active but thriving, as evidenced by the 1,292 properties sold in the past month. This high demand underscores the county’s appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, from those seeking the laid-back beach lifestyle to professionals desiring proximity to downtown Tampa and major highways.

Feature Details Appeal
Location Near beaches, downtown Tampa, significant highways Broad Buyer Interest
Property Construction Stainless steel, quartz, smart tech Modern Buyer Preferences
Median Listing Price $430,000 Accessible Investment
Sales Volume 1,292 properties sold in the past month High Demand
Investment Range $349,000 to $3.28 million Diverse Investment Opportunities

Pinellas County offers diverse investment opportunities in the property market, with new properties for sale designed to meet modern standards and attract a broad audience. Redfin Agents has facilitated 190 deals, showcasing the county’s dynamic market and reinforcing its status as a premier destination for investors seeking to belong to a flourishing community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the critical differences between Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in Florida?

Pinellas County is known for its coastal communities and beachfront areas, offering a laid-back lifestyle and a thriving tourism industry. In contrast, Hillsborough County is more urbanized, with the city of Tampa as its hub. It is known for its diverse cultural scene, major sports teams, and bustling downtown area.

What makes the Pinellas and Hillsborough Gems stand out among other county residential options?

The Pinellas County homes stand out due to their blend of modern amenities, strategic locations, and innovative design elements, setting a new standard for upscale living in the area.

Is Pinellas County the Most Densely Populated County in Florida?

While Pinellas County is significantly densely populated, with a population density of approximately 3,347 people per square mile, it is not the most densely populated county in Florida despite its bustling and vibrant community atmosphere.

Where Is the Cheapest Place to Live in Pinellas County?

In the pursuit of affordability, the cheapest places to live in Pinellas County are Lealman, Highpoint, and South Highpoint. These neighborhoods balance cost-efficiency and access to essential amenities, fostering community belonging.

Why Is Pinellas County so Expensive?

Pinellas County’s high expense is attributed to its desirable coastal location, limited land availability, and high demand for property. These factors significantly impact the average home value and contribute to a competitive and costly housing market.


Pinellas County has many beautiful residential neighborhoods offering a strong sense of community and a convenient location. From the vibrant city of Safety Harbor to the bustling downtown areas, there is a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from, each with a unique charm. The Pinellas County gems offer plenty of parks, safe neighborhoods, and excellent schools, making them ideal for families. Pinellas County has something for everyone, whether looking for a beachfront community or a quaint city.

In addition to its residential neighborhoods, Pinellas County is also known for its beautiful parks and beach access. From the stunning Clearwater Beach to the historic Roser Park, plenty of outdoor spaces exist to explore and enjoy. With a strong sense of community and family-friendly events, Pinellas County is a beautiful place to call home.

Pinellas County, situated in the Tampa Bay area, is known for its vibrant community and easy access to stunning beaches such as Clearwater Beach and Honeymoon Island. The region also offers top-notch educational institutions, numerous parks, and a diverse range of homes for sale, including beachfront properties and historic residences.

In addition to its breathtaking beaches, Pinellas County is close to downtown businesses and artsy waterfront areas. The real estate market in the region encompasses a wide range of options, from condominiums to single-family homes, offering exceptional opportunities for beachfront living or a quaint community lifestyle.

Notably, the county is adjacent to Hillsborough County, home to the bustling city of Tampa and a range of cultural and recreational attractions. Additionally, Pinellas County boasts neighboring cities such as Seminole and Belleair Shore and beachfront resorts like Madeira Bay Resort, providing residents convenient access to beachside leisure and employment opportunities.

Pinellas County boasts a variety of beachfront condos and vibrant downtown areas, providing residents with an exceptional chance to indulge in coastal living while being immersed in a flourishing community. In contrast, Hillsborough County, centered around the bustling city of Tampa, offers a more urbanized setting with diverse cultural attractions and a bustling downtown scene.