Discover Edgewater Village, nestled within Lakewood Ranch, where luxury living awaits in 326 unique homes spread across five distinguished neighborhoods. This gated community offers a secure, peaceful environment with various residential options, from single-family to estate and luxurious condo communities. Embrace a maintenance-free lifestyle at Edgewater Village, with exclusive amenities such as stunning views of Lake Uihlein and access to prime sports facilities.

Each home, available in limited numbers for exclusivity, invites customization for a truly individualized living experience. Experience sophisticated living in every corner of Edgewater Village, promising an elevated lifestyle for its residents. Uncover the essence of refined living in this most private community, where tranquility and luxury converge seamlessly.

Discover Edgewater Village – your gateway to a life of comfort and elegance amidst nature’s embrace.

Key Takeaways

  • Edgewater Village offers a maintenance-free lifestyle with stunning views of Lake Uihlein.
  • It is a gated community prioritizing security and peace within Lakewood Ranch.
  • Residents can access exclusive amenities, including premier sports facilities and nature access.
  • The community features a range of luxury homes, including single-family, carriage, estate homes, and luxury condos.
  • Edgewater Village is known for its commitment to sophisticated living, offering custom home-building options for personalized luxury.

Discover Edgewater Village Luxury

Nestled within the prestigious Lakewood Ranch, Edgewater Village distinguishes itself as a quintessential community, comprising five uniquely crafted neighborhoods: Edgewater Sound, Edgewater Cove, Edgewater Point, The Moorings, and WaterCrest. This enclave of 326 unique homes is celebrated as the coziest community within Lakewood Ranch, providing a distinctive living experience that is both luxurious and tranquil. Edgewater Village presents a diverse range of residential options, from elegant single-family homes and carriage houses to luxurious estate homes and condo communities. These residences are designed for maintenance-free living without compromising style or comfort.

As a gated community, Edgewater Village prioritizes its residents’ security and peace of mind, creating a haven that welcomes individuals and families of all ages. The architectural diversity and meticulous landscaping across the neighborhoods underscore a commitment to aesthetic excellence and harmonious living. Here, homeowners enjoy the benefits of uniquely designed homes that reflect their style while accessing communal amenities that foster a sense of belonging and community engagement. Features such as the Tot Lot reflect Edgewater Village’s commitment to being family-friendly, ensuring that residents of every age find joy and convenience in their immediate surroundings.

Exclusive Amenities

Edgewater Village elevates the luxury living experience by providing a range of premium amenities designed to meet its residents’ leisure and lifestyle needs. This gated community offers security and exclusivity and promotes a maintenance-free lifestyle, allowing homeowners to indulge in the finer aspects of community living without the burden of lawn care. The exclusive amenities available here are thoughtfully designed to enrich the lives of those who call Edgewater Village home.

Key features include:

  • Maintenance-Free Lifestyle: Enjoy the luxury of having your lawn care included, freeing up time for relaxation and enjoyment of the community’s offerings.
  • Stunning Lake Uihlein Views: Most homes boast breathtaking views of Lake Uihlein, offering serene landscapes right from your window.
  • Access to Nature: Residents can easily access parks, nature preserves, and extensive walking/biking trails, encouraging outdoor activities and connection with nature.
  • Premier Sports Facilities: Beyond the community’s gates, nearby premier sports facilities, including a polo club and cricket club, cater to the residents’ athletic and social interests.

These premium amenities underscore Edgewater Village’s commitment to providing a sophisticated living experience, where every detail contributes to a sense of belonging and well-being among its residents.

Available Homes

four bedroom houses for sale

After showcasing the premium amenities that enhance the lifestyle at Edgewater Village, it’s essential to explore the range of luxury homes available within this prestigious community. In the heart of Lakewood Ranch, Edgewater Village offers discerning buyers a unique opportunity to invest in upscale living. The community’s portfolio includes single-family, carriage, and estate homes designed with meticulous attention to detail and luxury.

For those prioritizing maintenance-free living, Edgewater Village proudly features two luxury condo communities, The Moorings and WaterCrest. These residences offer the convenience of lock-and-leave living without sacrificing the elegance and comfort synonymous with Edgewater Village. Adding to the allure of this community is its Main Street retail center, a hub of activity with various shops and restaurants that cater to every taste and preference.

Currently, Edgewater Village’s homes for sale are limited, signifying a high demand for this luxury and exclusivity. This scarcity underscores the community’s appeal and positions it as a sought-after destination for upscale living in Lakewood Ranch.

Custom Home Building

The opportunity to tailor a dream residence in Edgewater Village presents a unique avenue for buyers to express their distinctive style through lavish and graceful home designs. Custom home building in this prestigious Lakewood Ranch community offers a highly personalized approach to luxury living. With an emphasis on opulent and elegant designs, future homeowners can collaborate closely with developers to ensure their vision comes to life.

Critical aspects of bespoke home building in Edgewater Village include:

  • A wide array of floor plan options catering to diverse preferences, from single-family and carriage homes to expansive estate homes.
  • The opportunity to be part of two luxury condo communities offering the allure of maintenance-free living.
  • An exclusive lifestyle characterized by limited availability, ensuring a tranquil and private community environment.
  • Opulent designs embody sophistication and functionality, allowing for an exquisite living experience.

Neighborhood Highlights

neighborhood treasures and diversity

Having explored the outstanding opportunities for tailored home building in Edgewater Village, it is now relevant to highlight the exclusive features and amenities that make this Lakewood Ranch community truly stand out. Including five neighborhoods—Edgewater Sound, Edgewater Cove, Edgewater Point, The Moorings, and WaterCrest—Edgewater Village presents a rich tapestry of living options. With 326 tailor-made homes, it is the most private community within Lakewood Ranch, offering an uncommon blend of privacy and neighborly connection.

Home options range from single-family and carriage homes to estate homes and luxury condo communities catering to various lifestyle preferences. Each offers a maintenance-free living experience, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in the lakefront lifestyle that Edgewater Village is known for. This gated community, devoid of age restrictions, emphasizes outdoor enjoyment and connectivity with nature trails, a canoe launch, and fishing areas.

Amenities enrich the community further, featuring a Tot Lot, tennis courts, and inclusive maintenance services, ensuring that every need is met within this private community. Edgewater Village promises luxury living and delivers a distinctive sense of belonging amidst its natural and meticulously crafted environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lakewood Ranch’s popularity stems from its upscale communities, offering luxurious lifestyles with amenities like parks, nature preserves, and recreational facilities. Its blend of serene yet vibrant living attracts homebuyers seeking quality and convenience.

How Many Villages Are in Lakewood Ranch?

Lakewood Ranch encompasses over 20 villages, each designed with unique characteristics and amenities to foster a sense of belonging among residents. These villages offer diverse living options set amidst green spaces and recreational facilities.

Is Lakewood Ranch Florida a Good Place to Live?

Lakewood Ranch, Florida, is esteemed for its high quality of life, emphasis on sustainability, and upscale residences. Its amenities, green spaces, and proximity to leisure and healthcare facilities make it a highly desirable living area.

What Kind of Community Is Lakewood Ranch?

Lakewood Ranch is a harmonious blend of sustainability and luxury, offering residents a high-quality lifestyle amidst nature. This master-planned community emphasizes green living, upscale amenities, and a close-knit atmosphere, appealing to those seeking belonging.


Edgewater Village in Lakewood Ranch is a beautiful gated community offering a variety of homes and a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere. With access to top-rated schools, parks, restaurants, and lakes, the community provides excellent amenities for residents. From single-family homes to carriage homes, Edgewater Village offers potential properties for every stage of life, including maintenance-free living options.

Located within walking distance of the Lakewood Ranch Town Center, Edgewater Village offers residents a sense of community and easy access to many amenities, such as tennis courts, fitness centers, and a Country Club. The community also features miles of trails, bike lanes, and playgrounds, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and family outings. Edgewater Village offers boat docks and beautiful waterfront vistas for those interested in waterside living.

If you’re interested in exploring the real estate market in Edgewater Village, contact an experienced local area realtor for an exclusive overview of potential properties, pricing, and community activities. Whether you’re considering a potential purchase or want to learn more about the area, a local realtor can provide valuable insights and help you find the perfect home in this stunning community.