Selling a home is a process that assumes certain things will need to be managed. Here are a few considerations to help prepare you for this adventure ahead…

Are you ready to move? Please take a look at the reasons why you want to sell.

Are you selling because you need more space or a different layout?

Are you selling because you think it would be a wise financial decision (given recent market trends)?

If no one in your family is optimistic about selling, you probably need to reconsider your decision – this will be a team effort.

Are you ready to make a new home purchase?

Have you decided where you want to move, and have you done the research to identify neighborhoods and home types you’d be interested in?

Having your dream home laid out in advance will help your agent from the starting gate!

Are you ready to make your home market-ready? Please ensure you have the energy and commitment to prepare your home for a profitable sale. This commitment may involve some financially backed touch-ups to your home and property.

Are you ready to treat your home as a product? When you sell your home, you must consider it an outcome. You will compete with comparable homes in the neighborhood and on the market, which may require doing things you would not otherwise do. For example, you will likely need to repaint those purple living room walls or prepare your kids to remove those epic band posters.

Let’s start an exciting new chapter in your life!

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